Announcement: network upgrade and GUI alpha for Earendil!

We’ve just released a big update to Earendil, adding several important features: :tada:

  • A graphical interface :desktop_computer: so that you can configure and run your node without using a command-line interface
  • A new network protocol :globe_with_meridians: that decouples routing from onion encryption. The biggest implication is that all relays will see traffic, even if they do not manually find users :eyes:. This makes it easier for nodes to contribute to the network.
  • Packages are now released to the official Rust crates registry :package:, so you can run e.g. cargo install earendil-gui

Most importantly, the Earendil network and codebase is much more stable and usable than previously. “Daily driving” Earendil as a Tor-like proxy tool should now be reliable and reasonably fast, and the current codebase lays a solid foundation for our next phase — full Mel integration and payments that will ignite the full potential of Earendil’s free-market, scalable incentives.

:warning: Important: This update changes the network protocol, so you must upgrade your nodes! :warning:

We also have a new quick start tutorial that should help you start using the Earendil network to proxy web-browsing traffic in a few minutes, with no command-line experience :smile:

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