Announcement: Earendil's pre-alpha is out!

We’re thrilled to announce the public pre-alpha of Earendil, the first ever communication plus payment network that is at once anonymous, decentralized, and unstoppable by ISP-level censorship.

As a general-purpose transport layer, Earendil can be transparently integrated into any application that needs decentralized, secure, and ban-resistant communications — for instance, apps that need reliable connectivity across national censorship systems like the GFW.

Earendil and similar protocols will enable a new generation of secure and interoperable apps empowering entirely new levels of human autonomy and coordination. This is the Mel vision – an expansive ecosystem of post-blockchain decentralized apps secured invisibly by the Mel blockchain through composable protocols like Earendil.

The pre-alpha does not yet have Mel-based incentives or payment channel features, but it already has a full implementation of basic Tor-like anonymous communication. With the pre-alpha, you can:

We invite you and your friends to test out Earendil, try to break it, and report any bugs to our Discord!