Forum rules (updated 2022-05-10)


  1. Disruptive content and behavior is not tolerated! A non-exhaustive list includes derogatory comments towards other users, sexually explicit content, and inflammatory language / trolling / flaming.
  2. Respect for free speech and viewpoint diversity is paramount. This means that we will not ban people merely for expressing a certain viewpoint, as long as it is on-topic and expressed in a non-disruptive fashion. But this also means that you should be tolerant towards others’ good-faith opinions and express disagreement respectfully and rationally.
  3. Bigotry is strictly forbidden. Understand this broadly as attacking others merely based on generalizations about the group they belong to, rather than being limited to certain protected groups. Note that this does not conflict with 2. — any good-faith viewpoint can be expressed without group-based ad-hominems. (For example, I will never use anything made by John Doe since he’s a foocoiner and all foocoiners do is push stupid fruitarian diets is bigoted, but fruitarianism is wrong and it’s a huge problem with foocoiner ideology, here’s why is not)
  4. Respect the privacy and personal information of other members. Any form of doxxing is strictly forbidden and will lead to an immediate permanent ban.
  5. Non-English content is allowed, but must be tagged.


Moderators have wide discretion in punishing rule violators. Generally, violating posts will be removed, first violators will be temporarily muted, and repeat violators will be permanantly banned.


OK! Let’s step into the future! :four_leaf_clover: