About the wallet mnemonic

About the wallet mnemonic, should we follow BIP-39 and other BIP protocols or rebuild a new one?

If BIP-39 and other BIP-x protocols are used, there can be greater versatility, and the same mnemonic can generate addresses for multiple chains (e.g. other chains such as Ethereum, Solana, etc.).

If new protocols are used, it is possible to make mnemonic more interesting (for example, we can use words with meaningless syllables).

Please vote for your choice below. Choose the first option if you would like better versatility, or the second option if you would like more fun.

关于构建钱包助记词的方案,是沿用 BIP-39 和其他 BIP 协议还是重建一个新协议?

如果使用 BIP-39 和其他 BIP 协议,可以有更好的通用性,同一组助记词可以生成多个链的地址(例如 Ethereum,Solana 等其他区块链)。



  • BIP-39 and other BIP-x protocols(沿用 BIP-39 和其他 BIP 协议)
  • Create a new protocol(构建一个新的协议)

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I chose the first option, which makes it easier to get users from other blockchains. Also this is more convenient and does not require storing multiple mnemonics.



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I actually didn’t realize that BIP-39 was used by protocols other than Bitcoin. In that case something along those lines might be the best.

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I think so too, because whether it’s BTC or Ethereum or SOL or any other blockchain, most of them use BIP-39 and other BIP-x protocols.